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02 July 2018

Istanbul95 Urban Playspaces Conference
Artists, politicians, architects, and academics are getting together for making space for children to play in the city with the Istanbul95 Urban Playspaces Conference. Come and join this game!

Early childhood is the period when people grow up and learn the fastest. Research conducted in recent years shows that 85% of our brain is developed in the first 1000 days. Moreover, it has been observed that the brains of infants who had been neglected during this critical period and had not been enough talked to and played with did not grow. Thus, playing has been seen as a basic need for children of all ages and is guaranteed by Article 31st of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

On average, 30% of the city’s population are children. Istanbul, a 15-million-medium-sized megacity, has a child population of close to 4 million and more than a million of them are children of ages 0-4. Cities must be able to respond to the need of playing. Because for the child, being outdoors is an important way to learn the world she lives in and to improve herself.

The Istanbul95 Urban Playspaces Conference is a collaborative project. The conference, which is part of the Istanbul95 program of the Bernard van Leer Foundation is organized by Studio-X