photo by Ciao Ciao Studio

Project Title

One of a Type

Client Services
Type Design

Client Name

Ciao Ciao Studio

Delivery Date

29 June 2018

ONE of A TYPE – A typographic journey around Palermo

Letter design for Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018.

Ciao Ciao Studio organised a typography exhibition, calling international designers to join a month-long pop-up event during the festival of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018.
Thirty-two international designers to express the cultural identity of Palermo through one letter of the alphabet. It’s ONE OF A TYPE, a typography exhibition organized by Ciao Ciao Studio during Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018, with the support of the Italian association of visual communication design (AIAP).

The aim is to celebrate the identity of Palermo, as the result of a long-lasting syncretism of cultures and artistic layering, with the help of world-renowned designers coming from 12 different nationalities.

Each one of them defined their own vision of the city with the design of a single letter. One single “type”. The sum of all the letters will create a dissonant alphabet, consistent with the ever-changing and multicultural nature of the city.
The title of the initiative is a play on words inspired by the English saying one of a kind – in this case, one of a type. The uniqueness of Palermo resonates in each character.

All 26 letters of the alphabet will be printed on 50x70cm posters and exposed to the public during the month of July 2018. The exhibition will be hosted by Atelier Botteghe Colletti – via A. Paternostro 78, one of the most interesting streets of Palermo’s historical center.


32 Designers of 12 different nationalities took part in the initiative.

Gianluca Alla (Italy) – Atelier Raphael Garnier (France) – Atlas (Spain) – Irene Bacchi (Italy) – Mauro Bubbico (Italy) – Fabien Coupas (France) – Cut&Paste (Italy) – De-Form (Hungary) – Alessio D’Ellena (Italy) – DIA (USA) – EEE Studio (Italy) – Etaoin Shrdlu Studio (Italy) – Oded Ezer (Israel) – Folch (Spain) – Giò Fuga (Italy) – Giallo Gin (Italy) – Julien Gionis (Greece) – Andrea Indini (Italy) – Laura Jouan (France) – Kasper-Florio (Switzerland) – Koln Studio (Spain) – La Tigre (Italy) – Muttnik (Italy) – Oficina de Disseny (Spain) – Ko Sliggers (Holland) – Studio Abbasi (Iran) – Studio Studio (Belgium) – Studio Triple (France) – Think Work Observe (Italy) – Tomo (Italy) – Erman Yilmaz (Turkey)

In association with
Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture 2018