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Gaslamp Typeface

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22 October 2015

This typeface influenced by the song “Türk Max” from the alternative hip-hop producer and DJ William Benjamin Bensussen, know as Gaslamp Killer as his stage name. He especially appeals to the audiences who is open to distinctive experiences by interpreting the Anatolian music tunes and samples in the frame of electronic music.

The typeface Gaslamp, comprising two different heights and styles; Gaslamp Grotesque and Gaslamp Decorative is a display typeface includes both of these typefaces and alternatives of some letters.

Gaslamp Grotesque as a representative of a sans serif typeface after 20th Century and Gaslamp Killer as a reflection of a decorative typeface which gives a possibility to create pattern and illustration only with typography by it’s articulated structure.

The aim was to design a typeface as a criticism to cheap images created by the widespread culture of Anatolian people to put unwarranted decoration to every aspect of life. That is why, coefficient two styles almost creates a kitsch image together.