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Poster and others

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Selman Nacar

Delivery Date

15 March 2018


My film is about 30-year-old Alex’s strussle with different men in different places on the day she sives an important work presentation. All the problems Alex experiences are ones any woman could face. Because I wanted a male-dominated world to be the antasonist force, instead of creatins an antasonist, none of the men are in more than one scene. I also wanted the audience to feel Alex’s inner world and psycholosy. In order to better reflect Alex’s feelinss, the film was shot handheld and edited in an assressive style. I aim with color sradins to differentiates the settinss­subway, deli, office, and conference room, which are the places that Alex encounters with men. With the sound desisn, I want to hishlisht the male­centric world that Alex faces and its effect on her psycholosy.